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Made in London. Beautiful textiles are combined with silhouettes that prioritise subtle design over passing trends. This, together with the brand's focus on premium materials and workmanship, has given Sunday Archives a classic, transcendent feel.

The Sunday Archives collection consists of timeless, non-seasonal items that are made to last. Every piece is curated with love from a place of lasting fashion, with a hint of nostalgia that will sustain the fast pace of fashion.

We draw inspiration for our women's clothing designs from the women who wear them. Women who value strength and culture.

SA designs styles to empower and celebrate women so they can be their best selves.

 Every garment is designed and made in London with the goal of bringing ethical awareness to the forefront of fashion. When you buy SA you are supporting a small business who ensures their garment workers are paid fairly and work in discrimination-free, empowering and safe environments.

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Love T x