Our Story

As a teenager, I used to spend my summers alone while most of my friends went on family vacations. During those times, I used to visit vintage shops located near my home in Camden Town. It was from those experiences that my passion for vintage clothing and fashion began to grow.
However, the pandemic hit, and I was put on furlough from what I thought was my dream job in fashion buying. Despite the challenges, I decided to leave that job and build up the courage to start my own brand. I spent nearly a year designing and sourcing materials for my fashion line while working early morning shifts at Amazon, pregnant with my third child, just to make ends meet. It was a tough time, but I had a clear vision and was determined to give everything I had to make my brand a reality.
SA was born from a place of love, hardship, passion, and determination. I am grateful to all those who have supported SA, whether by purchasing an item or simply showing me love. Your support is highly appreciated and it keeps me motivated to continue on this journey. This experience has taught me that tough times are not permanent and with enough determination and perseverance, we can achieve our dreams.
Thanks a lot for being with me on this journey.

With love,
Trey x